Vishva Shanti Retreats was founded in 2016 in response to the global necessity of reconnecting with the natural world and the desire of individuals seeking a deeper understanding of themselves through the teachings of yoga, meditation, and the ancient Indian yogic philosophies  

Our retreats safely guide students from around the world into the most beautiful ecosystems, bringing about profound realizations and newfound awareness that they can use to change their lives and the lives of those around them for the better

The world around us is merely a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we hold inside of ourselves.  By clearing out internal pollution, we clear the way for the same to happen in the environment around us.  As we begin to manifest peace within ourselves, we will begin to see peace surround us.  The mantra of our organization is just that: “Antaric Shanti, Vishva Shanti” in Sanskrit means “inner peace, world peace”

Brandon Samarpan Anand Buchalter

Namaste! My name is Samarpan Anand Buchalter and I am the creator and lead facilitator of Vishva Shanti Retreats, an adventure-based retreat organization working to protect and restore our ecosystems, partner with and support Indigenous peoples, and manifest peace in the world through yogic immersion in the natural world and through the exploration of the deepest parts of ourselves. In order to understand why and how this retreat company was created, you need to know my story

I began my yogic journey in 2011 after many years of being a competitive wrestler and a 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo pursuing a future of joining an MMA team to begin a professional fighting career. After breaking my back twice during competitions, life humble me in the most extreme and profound ways and, unknowingly at the time, forced me onto a new path. This climaxed at age 18 when I was nearly killed in a high-speed skateboarding accident, suffering severe brain damage after slamming my head at 30 mph on the concrete, sustaining 6 bleeds in my brain

My life was forever changed from that accident but it wasn’t until years later that I was able to reflect on and realize the significance of the role that event served to push me onto the fast track path of my spiritual journey. When yoga found me, it was after years of powerlifting, mixed marital arts and wrestling injuries, skateboarding accidents, emotional trauma, etc. and my body was fed up with me beating it up all the time. I finally succumbed to an internal whisper that kept pushing me to try yoga for some unknown reason. After my first yoga class, I found myself free from constant back pain for the first time in 6 years. This was something I couldn’t ignore and from then on, I dedicated my life to learning everything I could about the practice of yoga and how I could share it with others. This then led me to pursue my doctorate in chiropractic and create ChiroYoga, a practice in which movement and healing unify in the most powerful way possible

After realizing that yoga was to be my path in life, I traveled to Bali, Indonesia to earn my 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher-training certification with focuses in philosophy in meditation before going on to make my pilgrimage to Rishikesh, India (the birthplace of yoga over 10,000 years ago) in the Himalayas one year later. There, I lived in an ashram (yogic monastery) for several months to study under my guru Yogrishi Vishveketu and learn the traditional yogic path during my 500-hour Akhanda Yoga teacher training. It was here that my practice formed into what it is today and has led me to spread these teachings around the world. I have now taught everywhere from ashrams in India, indigenous villages in New Zealand and the Amazon jungle of Brazil, and within prisons and jails in the USA

After traveling the world, I found that no matter where I went, the local ecosystems and natural resources were in danger or were almost completely destroyed. I realized the internal pollution of humanity was reflecting externally into the world and the only way to end this viscous cycle was to help bring inner peace to individuals in order to bring peace to the world. The practice of yoga is designed in a way that it does just that. This realization of understanding the power of combining yoga with immersion into the most epic natural places on Earth in order to bring people back to their true nature prompted me to create Vishva Shanti Retreat (Sanskrit for “World Peace” Retreats)

Instagram: @mr.chiroyoga

Megan Rae Eastburn

Namaste! I’m Megan Rae Eastburn and am the co-founder of Vishva Shanti with Samarpan Buchalter. I’m a Florida native who grew up on the emerald coast of Pensacola Beach and attended school with Samarpan at the University of Central Florida

I started my yoga practice in 2009 and have been teaching Akhanda Yoga since 2015 after completing my 200-hour training. I practiced under Divya Elting at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center in Pensacola, FL and began teaching yoga at the studio shortly after graduating

In 2017, I partnered with Samarpan to begin planning the first Vishva Shanti Retreat. I’m now the girl behind our social media and often times behind the lens capturing the precious moments of our time in the Amazon

The practice I share is one full of mindful movements that challenge you to be playful and stay present with your breath. My greatest joy is sharing compassionate, nurturing energy with my students that makes them feel safe and free to explore their practice

Instagram: @meganraeoflight & @lightbymeganphotography
Website: http://meganraeoflight.com/

Brynnevere Victoria Heatley

~Strictly Silly and Sincerely Fun~

Hi lovelies!

I’m Brynne (brin), which means noble, defender, or a little hill in Welsh. I love all those things so I’m down with it (I dearly love to be called Brynnevere because I love tales of shooting arrows [of unconditional love] in forests with castles whilst protecting distant lands.) My calling in life is to make everything I do creative, silly, sincere, and fun

I teach yoga because I love empowering people to find their inner joy! I earned my 200-hour teacher training with CorePower Yoga in Los Angeles, California, participated in an Ashtanga mentorship in Orlando, Florida, and have been teaching yoga since 2013. I’ve taught Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, SUP Yoga, Partner Yoga, Slow Flow, and even Chair Yoga. I’ve led workshops on Trauma Release, Vocal Activation, Ecstatic Dance, Deep Relaxation Meditations, and love leading Yoga Nidras (AKA yogic-guided meditation). My favorite aspect of yoga is connecting more deeply to my inner body awareness every time I come to my mat and observing how that awareness transforms my life in every way

I am greatly influenced by spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, Mooji, and Dr. Seuss. Life is fun, and I’m here to help you connect to the joyous playfulness of allowing things to “funfold” even better than you could possibly imagine

With me you can expect lots of hugs, smiles, giggles, homemade songs, heart-sharing circles, improv games, and ecstatic dance parties. I am sincerely open and honest and ready to accept you however you are, as you are, with absolutely no judgment from any angle. You are openly accepted and loved, exactly as you are, and I’m happy to remind you of that: Every. Single. Day.

Thank you so much for spending time getting to know me! I look forward to hugs and dance parties with all my heart

Feel free to check out my vibe and listen to some heart songs I wrote
I will sing to you in savasana Fo Sho

Instagram: @love_brynnevere
YouTube: Brynne Heatley


Alicia Hamilton

Hello, I’m Alicia and I fell in love with yoga when the practice spontaneously fell into my life just when I needed it most. After years of dedicated self-practice, yoga transformed my inner and outer world in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Since then, I wanted to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga so I went on to complete my 200-hour training at the Yoga Forest in the heart of Guatemala with incredibly inspiring teachers who not only taught from all the beautiful layers of yoga, but also embodied the art of ceremony, kirtan, dance, and breath work

I am dedicated to holding a safe space that allows veils to unfold so authentic transformation can shine through. It is in my true nature to make people feel heard and cared for. I am inspired to continually teach conscious living through nutrition, herbalism, sustainability and holistic health. “The greatest gift in life is to witness people transform pain and trauma into light and liberation”

My passions include botanical studies, creating herbal medicine with my company Wild Bloom Botanicals, and integrating traditional ways of healing with western science. I deeply believe in the power of plant medicine and how it can teach people how to implement simple and effective protocols into their lives to enrich their health: mind, body and spirit. I encourage people to experience the magic of the natural world as “it’s just there, waiting for you to come home”

The purpose of Vishva Shanti Retreats is to tap into your true nature, to let go of old conditioned patterns that no longer serve you, to release yourself from your own limitations, to adventure around the world and learn new ways of life, and to experience exhilarating excursions with amazing people. When coming to our retreats, be prepared to do the inner work, to be vulnerable, and be willing to venture out of your comfort zone to have a life changing experience!

Instagram: @alicia.sophias & @wildbloom.botanicals
Website: https://www.aliciasholistics.com/

Zorananda Glamoclija

Namaste, my name is Zoranada and I am a 500-hour Akhanda Yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience who travels the world to offer yoga and meditation workshops, as well as learn from world renowned teachers like Yogrishi Vishvketu, Ryan Leir, and Troy Hadeed. My knowledge of yoga is a harmonious mixture of personal practice and observation, as well as academic study

I am currently finishing my first book “Future Life Progression: Meeting Your Future Self.” The book is based on a heart-based meditation that I have developed after many years of study and practice. The central focus of my work as a yogi is to explore the most comprehensive and intuitive guidance through the heart

My involvement with Vishva Shanti Retreats began even before its conception while staying in an ashram in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas. Samarpan Anand and I were roommates at the Ananda Prakash Ashram in 2016 where we were taking the Akhanda Yoga 300-hour teacher training. During that time Samarpan had concocted the beginning ideas of Vishva Shanti

Once a seed, the idea has now grown into a beautiful reality. My fiancé Alicia and I embarked on the first Vishva Shanti Retreat in the heart of the Amazon in the summer of 2019. There we met the creators of Amazon Emotions, and the other future co-facilitators who are also close friends of Samarpan. Our goal was to learn what it takes to run a successful retreat, and experience the magic that thrives within the Amazon Jungle. The retreat was completely life changing in every way and I look forward to sharing that same magic with you

Instagram: @yogi.zoranada
Website: https://zorananda.com/home

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